Sugar sachets

Sugar sachets are pre-portioned packets containing a measured amount of sugar, offering convenience, hygiene, and portability for sweetening beverages in various settings.

– Customizable with logos or branding
– Enhance guest experience in hospitality
– Portable and easy to distribute
– Available in different size and weights




Sugar sachets are small packets containing a measured amount of sugar

Typically used to sweeten beverages like coffee or tea. To use them, simply tear open the sachet and pour the sugar into your drink, then stir until it dissolves to your desired sweetness.

Sugar sachets are commonly used in various industries for different purposes:

1. *Hospitality:*

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and catering services often provide sugar sachets for customers to sweeten their beverages.

2. *Food Service:*

Fast-food chains, food trucks, and other dining establishments use sugar sachets as a convenient way to offer sweeteners to customers.

3. *Airline and Travel:*

Airlines often provide sugar sachets with in-flight beverages. Similarly, trains, buses, and other forms of transportation may offer sugar sachets for passengers.

4. *Office and Workplace:*

Many offices and workplaces stock sugar sachets in break rooms or coffee stations for employees to use in their beverages.

5. *Retail:*

Sugar sachets are also sold in retail stores for individual purchase, often in boxes or multipacks.

6. *Hospitality:*

Hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodation providers often provide sugar sachets along with tea and coffee facilities in guest rooms.

7. *Healthcare:*

Some healthcare facilities provide sugar sachets for patients’ beverages, although sugar alternatives may also be available for those with dietary restrictions.

Sugar sachets offer several conveniences:

1. *Portion Control:*

Each sachet contains a pre-measured amount of sugar, making it easy to control the sweetness of your beverage without needing measuring utensils.

2. *Convenience:*

Sugar sachets are portable and easy to carry, making them convenient for travel or for use in places where loose sugar might be messy or impractical.

3. *Hygiene:*

Individually wrapped sugar sachets help maintain hygiene standards, especially in public places like restaurants or cafes, as they reduce the risk of contamination compared to communal sugar dispensers.

4. *Longer Shelf Life:*

Sealed in individual sachets, sugar stays fresh for longer periods compared to sugar left in open containers, reducing the likelihood of clumping or spoilage.

5. *Customization:*

Sugar sachets are available in various types, including white, brown, raw, and sugar substitutes, allowing for customization according to individual preferences or dietary needs.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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